Was an active maintianer for the Ratpack project, 2013 through 2019. Ratpack is a nonblocking async framework in Java for building high performance HTTP applications.

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Built and maintained a number of libraries available across a few orginizations


Projects of Note


I believe strongly that the cost of using open source is to contribute to the projects you use. Those contributions can be monetary support, pull requets, documentation, blog posts, or just answering questions in the community.

Notable Projects Contributed To


Cassandra Meetup of MN

Orginized and lead the local Cassandra meetup, from 2014 until 2018. Got to collaborate with the amazing group of Cassandra folks from around the area.

Groovy Users of MN

I was an active participate in the meetup starting in 2011, eventually helping to orginize and run the group in 2013. Monthly pulling together different speakers and topics was an exciting time. I worked in this way until 2018.

Volunteered with GR8Conf US

Was on the program committee selecting talks. Helped with equipment setup and running of the event.


Confluent Cloud CAB 2021 - 2023

Shared cloud native experiences and understanding of operating on the Confluent Cloud at scale.

CSA Representative 2022

Representative for SmartThings in the product security space. Focused on how to ensure Matter devices and ecosystems would be secure.


  • DataStax MVP 2016 - 2017