With a career spanning both start-ups and industry giants like AT&T and Samsung, Jeff offers a breadth of experience that uniquely positions him to navigate the complexities of growing engineering.

Recognizing that effective leadership must adapt to the scale and context of the engineering organization, Jeff brings a nuanced understanding of how to tailor strategies and approaches. Whether leading a 20-person org or managing a 3,000-strong department, he prioritizes fostering a supportive engineering culture while also providing strong direction when needed.

Jeff’s leadership style is based on servant leadership principles, emphasizing collaboration, empowerment, and empathy. However, he understands the importance of decisive action and vision-setting to drive progress and innovation.

As a seasoned technologist with over a decade of cloud-native expertise, Jeff possesses a rare depth of knowledge in this rapidly evolving field. This experience, coupled with his background in IoT, allows him to navigate the intricate intersection of cloud technology and real-world constraints, leveraging the limitless potential of the cloud while optimizing solutions for practical implementation.