Evolving to Microservices: SmartThings Case Study


We have been on a 4 year journey evolving our architecture at SmartThings. Moving from 1 monolith and 3 supporting services to more than 100 microservices. Expanding from a US only platform to a world wide IoT platform. Our architecture has been shaped by product and organizational needs. We will go through the major architectural eras as we iterated on our platform.

Detail Bullets:

Some areas we will touch on; for each of 3 eras in our evolution:

  • Why did we pick this design?
  • What worked?
  • What was painful?
  • When was it time to change?


  • How we evolved a running platform while expanding features and reach.
  • Pitfalls we hit and why they were bad for us.
  • A set of ideas to use when crafting their own architectural evolution.

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